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Buddha statue in the corridor of the Great Stupa of Sanchi
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About This Website

Welcome to UNESCO’s World Heritage Journeys of the Silk Road platform, the definitive travel-planning resource for the region. Curated by local voices and illustrated by expert adventure travel writers, we bring you the finest experiences from infrequently visited countries of Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. This is the travel resource for the most culturally significant way to immerse yourself in the Silk Road's past and present.

World Heritage Journeys Silk Road

Join us on a cultural journey across Central Asia, curated by experts

The ancient Silk Road existed for millennia as a complex network of passages linking the far East to the West. Each day for centuries, tens of thousands of brazen merchants traversed these tributaries, carrying goods, innovations, and life philosophies. It is through the Silk Road that life changing inventions such as paper, ceramics, printing techniques, gunpowder, and the compass were shared with the world. Art, religion, cultural ideals, and life philosophies were also exchanged as thousands of previously isolated cultures mingled on this vibrant information highway.

Visit these preserved historical crossroads and the unique landscapes that facilitated history-altering cultural exchanges. As you traverse over snowy alpine mountain passes, through otherworldly desert landscapes, and through perfectly preserved ancient settlements you will be struck by the complex geometric turquoise patterns of Islamic architecture, buzzing bazaars that preserve the ancient art of haggling, jaw-dropping scenery, and more. It is a land of romance, of wonder, of innovation, of curiosity, and unexpected surprises.

There are over 60 World Heritage sites across Central Asia, and we've handpicked 3 for you to explore in-depth. By collaborating with the managers of these sites, local residents, academics, and tour guides, we are giving you unparalleled insight into hidden gems and local secrets of these spectacular destinations of universal value.

With this in-depth local knowledge, we encourage you to travel more intentionally, staying longer and stringing together more captivating sites to engage wholeheartedly with the history of this rich land. Through this, you will gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of World Heritage values and earn your badge as a true Silk Road explorer. We strive to increase sustainable travel to the region with benefits accruing to local communities and actions supporting heritage protection.