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Ancient Europe

Experience the genius of the classical world and see the ancient innovations that still impact our lives today

Pont du Gard is part of a Roman aqueduct in Southern France near Nimes.
© Aurélio Rodriguez

Living in a time of constant technological advances, it can be easy to forget that we owe a lot to the genius of those who came before us. Thousands of years ago, some of the brightest minds in human history developed ideas and innovations that changed the world. Whether we realise it or not, we still use the products of their creativity today.

During an era of myths and legends, Ancient Europe also saw huge advances in fields like medicine, mathematics, theatre, agriculture and urban design. Across the continent are sites that still stand as testaments to the incredible ingenuity of ancient civilisations. From the temples at the heart of the first Olympic Games to the birth of modern medicine. There are ancient theatres where drama entertained the crowds millennia ago, and frontier cities where visitors can explore the same streets that centurions once marched along.

Ultimately, a journey through Ancient Europe is not just a trip back in time. It also gives us a connection to the remarkable creations that define our lives today.

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