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Inside the Camera del Podestà, you can glimpse into medieval times through magnificent frescoes.
© Musei Civici San Gimignano

Camera del Podestà

Come back to the Tuscany of the Middle Ages—to San Gimignano. The “pearl with a crown of towers” was the stage for battles, knights, saints, family feuds, and political conflicts, where history blurs into legend there is a place for our noblest feeling: love.

Inside the Town Hall of the “Towered City,” the Camera del Podestà—or the chamber of the highest office of the village—had frescoes of a love story painted by Memmo Di Filippuccio, San Gimignano's civic painter. The room is also a famous location for marriage proposals. Here, love is the pillar of life. It is also possible to see what happens when love is not respected.

On the left side of the room, there is the amoral couple that could never get together because the young groom was lured by two deceitful women who steal his goods, beat him, and leave him aching. In this case, love is dangerous. Nearby, there is another tragic love: “Paolo e Francesca,” the famous lovers from Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri—their faces rubbed out in a sort of “damnatio memoriae.”

On the right wall, there are scenes of marital love. The bride and groom are meeting their relatives surrounded by symbols of loyalty. The real masterpieces are the last two scenes: the young couple, now married, enjoys the intimacy of a warm bath. Finally, the nuptial bed embraces the couple, giving love the opportunity to fulfill one of its highest tasks: create life.

Camera del Podesta is still the perfect place for lovers. In this room, you can celebrate your wedding or just meet for a kiss.


Camera del Podestà


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