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A local resident workshop where the traditional silk Chador-Shab are made.
© Parham Moieni / Unsplash

Chador-Shab Weaving Workshop

Learn about Iran’s famous textiles and watch women create Chador-Shab in Ghasem Abad Village.

Along the Caspian Sea, visitors will find Ghasem Abad, a village where young and old women weave silk with Pachal machines to create a unique fabric called Chador-Shab. The multifunctional handmade cloth is made from the area's natural resources and its patterns reflect the area's landscape. These designs are a staple of the region and a source of pride for the community.

Woven to be about two by two metres, Chador-Shab was originally wrapped around women’s waists to prevent back pain when working in fields. Over the years, the patterned fabric has been adopted for countless uses, including clothes, mattress covers, carrying babies, lamp shades, and handbags.

© thirawatana phaisalratana / Shutterstock
© thirawatana phaisalratana / Shutterstock

When visiting Ghasem Abad, stop into a Chador-Shab workshop to learn more about the weaving process and the fabric’s history. Watch as the local women operate Pachals with ease. After learning about the process, wander through the markets and shop for a Chador-Shab of your own.

© Mark Green / Shutterstock
© Mark Green / Shutterstock

With countless workshops in the area, there is no shortage of patterns or supply. These make great souvenirs and have no shortage of uses.