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Discover archaeology

Explore the artefacts collected by archaeologists in a variety of sights and exhibits.

Within the striking landscapes of this part of Kazakhstan are the ruins of ancient settlements that once formed part of the Silk Road networks that passed through the region. Exploring these sights and delving into their archaeological excavations is a fascinating way to learn more about the history.

Some of the best ancient sites to visit include Kostobe, Aktobe, Akyrtas, Ornek, and Kulan. Each of these are independently interesting, with their own tales to share. But seeing them as a group, as part of a trading corridor, also offers an insight into how merchants travelled and did business on the Silk Road.

© Time Miroshnichenko
© Time Miroshnichenko

Another excellent place to visit for a richer historical experience in Kazakhstan is the Ancient Taraz Archaeological Park and Museum. Here, you'll be able to see artefacts that have been found during the excavation of the archaeological sites in Taraz. These include coins, pottery, jewellery, paintings, and household items. They will allow you to discover the way people who inhabited Taraz lived in the past.

The Ancient Taraz Archaeological Park and Museum also includes an open-air park where the ruins of a mosque and other ancient buildings remain visible.


Discover archaeology


Entrance fees: 200 tg