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Buffaloes at the Royal Park.
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Discover the history and taste of Buffalo Mozzarella

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Caserta is the capital of mozzarella, the term derives from the verb "mozzare"(cut off), that is, the operation still practiced today in all the dairies, which consists in handling with the hands and with a characteristic motion the piece of spun curd and to disconnect immediately after with the indexes and the thumbs the single mozzarella in their most typical shape: roundish.

The first historical documents about mozzarella appear in the twelfth century, describing how the monks of the monastery of San Lorenzo in Capua used to offer to pilgrims a cheese called mozza or provatura (when smoked), accompanied by a piece of bread. Only towards the end of the eighteenth century the mozzarella became a product of large consumption, also thanks to the creation, by the Bourbons, of a large breeding of buffaloes with also attached an experimental dairy for the transformation of the same milk, on the Carditello Royal Site.

The Consortium for the Protection of Campania Buffalo Mozzarella, born in 1981, is the only body recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for the protection, supervision, enhancement and promotion of this extraordinary cheese of Central and Southern Italy, appreciated all over the world. From the site Mozzarella di Bufala Campana it is possible to book guided tours and tastings at the cheese factories of the consortium.


Discover the history and taste of Buffalo Mozzarella


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