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The world's largest wind tower reflects into the elongated fountain. The pathway of trees entices the garden guests to make their way to this massive tower.
© Cariz Marix / Unsplash

Dowlat Abad Garden

Catch a break from the desert heat and relax in this traditional Persian Garden, which features the world's tallest wind tower.

Over 200 years old, the Dowlat Abad Garden is filled with stunning landscape architecture and a seemingly endless array of greenery. Spread over an area of about four hectares, it includes two public gardens and two private gardens.

Dowlat Abad Garden's claim to fame is hosting the world's tallest mudbrick wind tower (badgir). At 34 metres high, it's a captivating structure that draws visitors towards the garden's summer house. Go inside to marvel at its structure and see how the interior works.

The gardens were built to the traditional principles of Persian landscaping. Used as an escape from the brutal heat, the garden features fountains and a qanat irrigation system. Stroll around the grounds and you will find fruitful groves, fountains, and hedges, as well as a plethora of rose bushes.

If you visit just before sunset, you'll get the best lighting for the house's stained glass. At night, the garden takes on a magical feel, often influencing guests to stay much longer than expected. Why not take your time listening to the whimsical music of the garden while sipping on hot tea from the onsite coffee shop.

Phone number: 98 35 3627 0781


Dowlat Abad Garden




200,000 rials