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El Goli Palace in El Goli Park
© MAVRITSINA IRINA / Shutterstock

El Goli Park

When locals and visitors of Tabriz need a break from the exciting hustle and bustle of the city, they visit the beautiful El Goli Park. Dating back to the 15th century, the park was originally known as Shah Goli, which means “king’s lake”, as a place that only royalty could visit. Following the Islamic Revolution in the 20th century, the park was renamed El Goli, which means “people’s lake” and was given over to the public to enjoy.

Walk along the cobbled paths of the park and you will soon reach the star of the park– a large pond with two-story “El Goli Palace” (which today serves as a restaurant) jutting out into the middle. Park visitors can enjoy the warm weather and charming sights by riding bikes through the Persian gardens or taking a boat out on the lake for a close-up view of the El Goli Palace.

Not only is El Goli Park a wonderful place to enjoy nature, but there are also a variety of other activities suited for all personalities. Adventure lovers can spend the afternoon riding on roller coasters and seeing animals up close in the zoo. Those who prefer to stay indoors can have fun at the indoor roller skate rink or strike up a friendly competition of table tennis with the locals. Families and friends can relax together at the end of a fun day to enjoy each other’s company with traditional Persian food like Ashe-e Dooghe (“yogurt soup”) at one of the park’s cafes or restaurants

Try Ashe-e Dooghe in El Goli Park © Fanfo / Shutterstock
Try Ashe-e Dooghe in El Goli Park © Fanfo / Shutterstock

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