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Tambourine musicians in the old city of Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Photo by Dave Primov /

Enjoy a musical performance

Music is a major part of Uzbek culture, and the musical and theatrical performances with the background of the Registan are a delight to all that love life's finer things.

Over the centuries, the Registan Square has acted as a social gathering place for a variety of purposes - perhaps as a commercial centre hosting bustling bazaars, or for royal announcements during the Timurid Empire. With the three beautiful madrassahs around the square, any event held here has one of the most picturesque backgrounds in Samarkand.

That's one of the reasons why a concert here in the Registan is a special experience for visitors. In the spring and summer months, there are typically traditional musical performances around sunset in the Sher Dor Madrasah. With music being a big part of Uzbek culture, these performances showcase the musical genre of Shashmaqam, unique to this region. The performers adorn traditional costumes while playing Shashmaqam instruments, showcasing their music and culture through song and theatre.

An array of traditional Uzbek instruments © Natural_p / Shutterstock
An array of traditional Uzbek instruments © Natural_p / Shutterstock

The Registan Square is a popular venue for locals, as well as tourists, so there are lots of other musical and cultural events held here during the year. With Samarkand displaying such a rich history in each of its monuments and buildings, these performances are a perfect way to experience the fun nature that the city has to offer. Both entertaining and educational, be sure not to miss one of these performances.


Enjoy a musical performance


7pm daily (typically spring and summer months)


Roughly $6USD - tickets can be purchased at the Registan ticket office