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FAQ for Content Contributors


Is it okay to send the text in our own language or do you need it in English?
We need you to provide the text in English. The platform will be set up in British English (new decision by UNESCO HQ).

Will somebody rewrite the texts in one style?
Yes, our editor will review all of your text and edit or rewrite it for consistency, clarity, and style.

Will we be able to correct the texts?
Once your text has been reviewed by our editor, you will get the chance to do minor edits e.g. correcting contact information. The main text should only be corrected if absolutely necessary (e.g. wrong figures or historical dates/facts), because major edits would jeopardize our editor’s hard work. If you want to suggest major edits, please email us your revised text in a separate document.

Do all attractions have to be related to our journey theme?
No, but that is preferred. The most important thing is for the attractions to provide a great visitor experience that enhances their visit to the World Heritage site. You should include the "must-see" attractions in or near the site. You may also include nearby attractions like national parks or other WH sites.

We already sent 10 attractions. Why do you need more content?
Apart from those 10 attractions, we also need experiences and stories for the section "Local Voices & Legends" (legends = formerly called stories; we just changed the title). It is not 10 attractions or experiences, it is 10 attractions AND experiences.

Can you give an example for the experiences?
Experiences can be guided tours (your own or partners'), festivals and events, activities in general e.g. hikes, scenic drives, boat rides, performances, etc.

When you write 200-400 words do you mean word by word or letters?
We mean actual WORDS. The number of letters/characters does not matter.

Can you give examples for Local Voices and Legends (stories)?
These can be legends and myths, historical accounts, interviews with experts or local characters, or short articles about specific attributes of the site or region.

Is the contact info is included in the 200-400 words?
No, contact information is not part of the 200-400 word limit for descriptions. Contact info can be as long as needed.

What do you mean by paragraphs? “Paragraphs with less than a 100 words”.
We mean don't send a big block of text, separate it into smaller, readable paragraphs. Each paragraph should not be longer than 100 words.

Also, please don't use formatting in your text (like bold and italic) and do not use all capital letters in your titles and headings. We will format the text for you.

What are all those gray boxes that I can see on our page. Do you want us to fill them out?
Yes and no. The gray boxes are attraction, experiences, and story suggestions you listed in the first workshop. You may use these ideas and provide content, but if you have already provided enough additional content, we can simply delete the gray boxes.

In other words: if you have already provided 5 stories and there are still five gray boxes, you don't have to fill those. We can delete the gray boxes because you have already met the content requirements. On the other hand, if you have only provided 2 attractions, you haven't reached the minimum requirements yet. In that case you can use the ideas in the gray boxes. As long as you haven't reached the minimum requirements, we need more content from you to fill or replace the gray boxes.


Can we have entries without photos?
No. We always need at least one horizontal photo as a header image on top of each page. The photo is used to generate the thumbnail images in the featured Attractions, Experiences, and Local Voices and Legends section of your site page.

Do we have to attach 1-5 images to EACH attraction or experience or can we only attach 1-5 images to ALL attractions/experiences?
You have to attach 1-5 images to EACH entry. Regardless of the 20 images you sent initially.

Can the same photos that are within the 20 best photos be used with attractions, experiences etc.?

Is the size of 2000 px obligatory? Because if we conserve this size, the file size is bigger than 2MB and the quality of the picture isn't good.
If you use Photoshop, save your Jpgs with HIGH quality (9) instead of maximum (12). High quality at 72dpi should produce correct file sizes smaller than 2MB. The minimum size for the longest side is 1500px. If your image is smaller, we cannot use it because it will look blurry, especially on high-resolution retina displays.

What about the length of the shortest side?
Our gallery slider has a format of 2000x1000px and may appear to crop some of the image. However, the images are not actually cropped. When a user clicks on the slider to open the full-screen gallery, the images will be fully displayed. But if you want to submit photos to fit perfectly into the slider, you can crop them 2000x1000px. Some of your images will be used in between paragraphs in the text (i.e. inline). Inline images will be smaller than gallery images, but they will not be cropped.

What happened to the 20 photos we sent this summer?
We used most of them on the main page (overview) and split them up between gallery/slider and the long description text. We only chose your best images for the main page. We can also use some of those 20 images for your attraction pages. Images that are of insufficient quality or are very similar to other images will be not be used.

Do we have to send all the material at once?
No. Please upload one by one, as soon as you have compiled all the information for one entry:

  • 1-5 photos
  • Word document with captions for these photos
  • Word document with a description of the attraction or experience

Add all the files that belong to one entry into a subfolder in our dropbox. This way it is easier for us match the text with the right images.

The folder structure on Dropbox is as follows:


  • 01-Attraction
        *   01-Photo
        *   02-Photo
        *   03-Photo
        *   04-Photo
        *   05-Photo
        *   Word document with photo captions
        *   Word document with long description of the attraction/experience
  • 02-Attraction
  • 03-Attraction

Image Captions

What is the difference between a title and a captions?
A title is short name for the image and will be useful for organizing and selecting your content in the CMS. We need the title for production purposes. The title should be included into the file name of the photo. A title could be "St Peters Cathedral" or "Amphitheatre".

Captions are a sentence or two about the image (about 15-25 words) that explain the subject and may provide an interesting fact or cultural or historical context for the image. Captions will be displayed on the frontend below the image. Visitors of our platform will be able to read your captions. The best captions are not just a simple description (i.e. "Couple on a bench.") but also explain why this is interesting (scenic view of..., bench is 3000 years old,.. oldest building in Bruges etc.). Each photo needs a separate caption, even if it is a photo of the same event. Photos without captions or credits will not be used.

Here's an example of how we'd like you to set up file names and captions (with credit):

Image title:

0-1 A view of the historic center of Aquileia, World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 1998: its Basilica and archaeological area rank among the most important Roman sites in Italy. – Photograph by Gianluca Baronchelli

Contact Info & Location

The sights/attractions are all located on the site's grounds, so I guess just one address and geo data is needed?
In this case we'd like one address for all, but different geo data for each. Otherwise your map will look very empty if we have only one point of interest. Geo data should be submitted in longitude/latitude (lon/lat) coordinates in decimal degree format (e.g. 4.034063, 49.254391). You can obtain lon/lat coordinates in Google Maps by zooming into the location and right-clicking on the attraction and selecting What's here? from the menu. It is usually best to switch to Satellite view in order to see the precise locations of buildings, water bodies, and vegetation.

IMPORTANT: If you get coordinates from Google Maps, you will need to switch the order of the coordinates in the CMS, since Google reports coordinates in lat/lon (y/x), but the MapBox platform that we are using expects coordinates in lon/lat (x/y). If you do not have the longitude value first, the location will be in the wrong place.


Do you need the link for our video? Or can you use the video in the dropbox?
We need both. We prefer to link to the video hosted on an existing Vimeo or YouTube account, and will simply embed it in the website. However, we may want to upload your video to a Chinese video site like YouKu or since Youtube and Vimeo are blocked in China. The videos that you upload to the dropbox may be useful at a later stage when we produce social videos, and we may ask you for the original footage to give our producers plenty of shots to choose.

Do you need both the video and the interview transcript if we send you a video?
If you have the video transcript, please send it, since we may use it for closed captions or translate it for a future video series. But if you don't already have a transcript, you don't need to transcribe it. However, we DO need a short text summary of what the video is about.


There is a folder “Logos” in DropBox. Do you need our logos?
The folder Logos is for the Supporters or Sponsors of your site (perhaps including your own organization), who you want to recognise as such. Logos should be in PNG format with a transparent or white background. Along with each logo, we will need a URL pointing to the sponsor's website (otherwise it will not display) and a short description of 200 characters (not 200 words) incl. space. Everything exceeding 200 signs will be cut off.