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The market basin in the middle of the marketplace is a popular photo motif.
© Stefan Schiefer / GOSLAR marketing gmbh

Goslar's market fountain

One of Goslar's popular landmarks is its market fountain - which marks the centre of the Market Square and the middle point of the town. It is topped with Goslar’s symbol, a guilded eagle that warned the town of danger.

Although the market fountain at first appears to be an established artwork in its entirety, in reality it is a complicated puzzle. The lower fountain basin (12th century) is a large bronze casting from Romanesque times. The upper basin is approximately 100 years younger, which was formerly an independent fountain itself. Even the eagle consists of pieces from different epochs: while the body originates from the 13th century, the crown dates from the 18th century.

There are many myths and legends associated with this fountain. Some say it was once a means for people to communicate with the devil.

In the more recent past, the fountain served as a storm bell during fires and war. By hitting the basin with a hammer, even the miners in the deepest parts of the mine could hear the warning bell and escape to safety.