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Hagia Sophia is among the oldest Christian temples in Europe.
© Victor Lauer / Shutterstock

Hagia Sophia Basilica (the Old Bishopric)

The Hagia Sophia Basilica dates to the 5th century and can be counted as one of the most valuable spots for cultural heritage in the Balkans and all of Europe.

Hagia Sophia was the most prominent religious building on the west coast of the Black Sea for a 1,000 years. This old bishopric predates the Hagia Sophia Basilica in Istanbul and can be traced back to the 5th century.

It was built on the Agora—the central public space of the Ancient Greek city-state—and to this day stands proudly in the middle of Nessebar as a cultural centre and the most vibrant place in town.

Experience a 360 degree view below:


Hagia Sophia Basilica (the Old Bishopric)