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Hike around Sarez Lake

Crystal-blue waters, in the middle of Tajik mountains, formed barely more than a century ago; there comes Sarez Lake.

Nicknamed the “Sleeping Dragon”, Sarez Lake is an almost mystical lake standing in the middle of the Tajik National Park and about 75 kilometers long. Formed after an earthquake, magnitude 7.4 in 1911, and named after the village which was buried during this seismic accident, you can only admire this lake after a tremendous trek.

Small house near Sarez Lake
Small house near Sarez Lake

The starting point of your trek adventure to Sarez Lake is in Barchidev, the last human settlement in proximity to the lake, where you will be able to sleep, gather your strength and meet your guide. Beside the permit needed to enter Tajik National Park - GBAO, paid to the park rangers directly-, you will need a Sarez Lake permit and a guide. “Sarez Travel” is currently the only travel agency able to deliver the required permit and can also provide you with a guide.

From then on, the trek and your guide will lead you through Tajik steppes and along rivers during a more or less 35 kilometers long hike generally spread out over two days and one night, back and forth to Barchidev.

Many World Heritage sites are temporarily closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check official websites for more information.


Hike around Sarez Lake


50 USD per day and per person