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History Tour Kroměříž

Guided train tours through the historical center of Kroměříž or through the Chateau Garden.

Go on a theme-based tour and let yourself fall under the spell of the Chateau garden and the historic architectural gems of the town of Kroměříž. Discover a unique landscaped park, its idyllic atmosphere, it’s flora and fauna and discover a broad range of enchanting views.

The platform is right next to the Castle so you cannot miss it during your walk throughout the Castle Garden. - © History Tour Kroměříž
The platform is right next to the Castle so you cannot miss it during your walk throughout the Castle Garden. - © History Tour Kroměříž

You can now discover the beautiful and mysterious nooks of the Kroměříž Chateau Garden and town another way than on foot. You will get a new perspective during a guided ride in an electromobile. The account of how everything looked in former centuries and how it has changed will transport you to days gone by. You can join us as we seek out the farthest corners and see some of this splendour, along with a description of individual gems.

When we hear Kroměříž most of us think of gardens. But if consider it a bit more, this image expands to include a rich history, magnificent churches and an inimitable architectural, cultural and spiritual flair. All of that, accented by picturesque streets, romantic arcades and cozy cafés, creates a unique and inimitable town atmosphere.

The Chateau Garden
The guided electromobile tour can be of enormous assistance in discovering the secrets of the 64-hectare park. The guided routes will help you uncover the secrets of the most beautiful corners that history has left behind. During the ride, along with interesting commentary, you can expect a myriad of unexpected encounters and magnificent scenes.
The quiet electric motor will enable you to savor the atmosphere of places that bear the footsteps of history in full. The current garden represents a spectacular landscaping composition from the first half of the 19th century, enhanced with playful and colorful architecture of later eras, along with an entire scale of valuable trees. Gradually, the plant elements of the garden, as well as individual architectural elements have are being renewed.

This can all be experienced in several languages. The starting point from which you can embark on various tours is in the Chateau Garden, directly below the Chateau next to the Sala Terrena.


History Tour Kroměříž


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10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00,
15:00, 16:00, 17:00
From 6 p.m. only with previous order


Adults ..... 100,- Kč
Children .. 40,- Kč

Adults ..... 200,- Kč
Children ...100,- Kč