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Kentau City Museum

The city of Kentau is located in the foothills of the Karatau mountain range, and shares a glorious history with the city of Turkestan.

Citizens of Turkestan requested the commission of the museum in 1977. Exhibits display a culmination of history and minerals. Many school children, guests, and visitors frequent the museum to learn the connected histories.

You will get to see enriched polymetallic ores and reinforced concrete that help to create the city of Kentau. Kentau means “Ore Mountain” and lives up to the name by providing metals that connect Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

The local heritage museum is intertwined with the history of mines, metals, and minerals. The museum also explains the siginificance of the railway network that ensures economic sovereignty for many international populations and indigenous Kazakhs alike. Their history is preserved and continues to connect countries, histories, and families to this day.


Kentau City Museum