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In the atmospheric chandelier light, Lucia and her maids sing traditional Lucia hymns.
© Björn Carlander

Lucia in the Mine

Just once a year, you can go deep into the mine and be a part of this emotional ceremony with candles and music.

Each year, on Lucia Day on 13 December, you can experience a typical Swedish tradition deep down in the Falun Mine.

You will be accompanied by a guide with a lantern to an underground chamber lit by candles. After a while, the sounds of a beautiful song will drift in from one of the galleries. In a moment, a procession of girls in white dresses will come into the chamber.

First in line is Lucia, with a candle coronal. Behind her, all the Lucia maids carry candles in their hands. They will enter the stage and sing carols and then, while singing the traditional Lucia-hymn, the procession will leave the room.

It is unlike anything you have seen before and a very special moment.


Lucia in the Mine