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Maharloo Lake: the pink lake.
Photo by Chilaz / Shutterstock

Maharloo Lake

Visit Maharloo Lake during mid-summer and be prepared to experience the unique phenomenon that turns this regular lake into a pink spectacle.

Visit this lake at the right time of the year and you will have a glad surprise. The Maharloo Lake is a seasonal lake located about thirty kilometres from Shiraz. Being a seasonal lake it is important to plan ahead of your visit as during some parts of the year the lake is completely gone, leaving behind a salt desert. Visitors travelling during mid-summer will be able to see the lake at its full glory with its indescribably gorgeous pink tones.

© marketa1982 / Shutterstock
© marketa1982 / Shutterstock

Images of this lake are starting to flood the internet thanks to its impressive pink colour. The phenomenal colour comes from the high amount of red algae in the bottom of the lake. The high proliferation of algae is due to the salt in this lake. During the mid-summer, when rains are less frequent, the high rates of evaporation turn the lake into a gorgeous pink colour. Before visiting this attraction, tourists should check in advance about the water conditions as they may arrive at an empty salt plain. If it rained too much in the past few days the pink colour might not be evident, however the lake is still a beautiful scenery.

If you are visiting Shiraz in a time when the lake is not in perfect conditions don’t feel discouraged! There are other things you can do there such as experience a paramotor flight or have a picnic on the lake’s border. Either way you will be left with a stunning view and nice atmosphere.

© leshiy985 / Shutterstock
© leshiy985 / Shutterstock

The best time to visit this attraction is from July through September, however, this attraction is highly dependent on weather conditions that can be unpredictable and uncontrollable.