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Moment of prayer
© Faseeh Fawaz / Unsplash

Observe an afternoon prayer

The Congressional Mosque comes to life during Zuhr, the afternoon prayer.

Everyday Masjed-e Jāmé closes from 12 to 2 for the Zuhr prayer. If you are around the mosque during this time, take a moment to appreciate the beautiful mellow sounds of prayer. Listen as the Muezzin recites Adhan. Designed with open areas and no doors, prayer rings through the halls.

Even if you are outside, you will be able to hear the Quran being recited in Persian. These soothing sounds mix well with the buzz of life in the neighbouring Grand Bazaar. The afternoon prayer is not just held in the grand hall, but in the courtyard as well.

For the community, this is a routine experience. A time for them to grow closer to Allah and show thankfulness. For many travellers, the sounds of prayer are a brief insight into a foreign practice. Be respectful, observe from a distance, and listen to the soothing vibrations of prayer.

© / Shutterstock
© / Shutterstock

The congressional mosque prioritises authenticity when allowing visitors to enter. Managing visitors during prayer time is one way to protect Masjed-e Jāmé and ensure genuineness. Keep this in mind if you have the chance to observe the Zuhr.