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The annual Orchids Festival is a firm favourite amongst visitors to Kew Gardens, offering the perfect opportunity to escape the winter blues.
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Orchids Festival

Escape the cold with the warm glow of these beautiful tropical orchids at an event full of special experiences.

Kew Gardens has been celebrating the beauty and exoticism of orchids and other tropical flowers for over 20 years with its annual Orchids Festival. Held every year from early February to early March, the Festival takes place in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, filling it with colour and scent from beautiful displays of one of the most prolific flower species in the world.

Phalenopsis, vanda and tiger orchids are interspersed with bromeliades and other exotic flora to provide a riot of colour. It's a wonderful opportunity to escape the cold, winter months of February and March, and to start to think about the warmth of summer. And to help transport people to warmer climes, recent themes have included the flora of Brazil, India and Thailand.

The Festival also gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the regions associated with the plants on display. Soundscapes help evoke the sense of the country, whether it's a carnival-inspired samba beat, the sounds of Mumbai street life or a bustling, floating market in Thailand. Hands-on activities will help you further connect with your surroundings.


Orchids Festival


Admission to the Orchids Festival is included in the cost of entry to the Gardens.