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Panjakent Bazaar

Experience exquisite architecture in this one-of-a-kind Central Asian bazaar

Just like in other bazaars in Central Asia, at Panjakent Bazaar you can find things for all types of needs. Nevertheless, what makes this bazaar unique is its architecture. The main part of the Panjakent Bazaar is circular in shape with white columns supporting the interior roof. In the centre of the circle there are eight columns for extra support. The columns do not serve only engineering purposes, they are beautifully ornamented in order to contribute with the places ambience and design. The bazaar gate/entrance is also an attraction in itself with its beautiful arch and street vendors who set their stores in front of it.

This bazaar is the trading heart of the city and a clear heritage from the silk road time, when people in Panjakent dominated the nearby trade routes. Visiting the bazaar will give you a taste of daily life in the city as well as a great opportunity to try freshly baked breads and other delicacies. Getting lost in the bazaar alleys is a must when you are visiting. You never know what surprises the next corner will show you!

Many World Heritage sites are temporarily closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check official websites for more information.


Panjakent Bazaar


6AM to 7PM daily