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The Pokrovskaya Church is a striking example of Russian Orthodox architecture.
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Pokrovskaya Church

One of the oldest Orthodox churches in Turkmenistan, it was built around 1900 by Russian soldiers.

With the great majority of the country following Islam, a church is an uncommon sight in Turkmenistan. But beyond its rarity, Pokrovskaya Church is also particularly interesting for its heritage and its architectural beauty.

This Orthodox church was built around 1900 by Russian soldiers who took the city of Mary. The place served not only as a church, but as a military instillation that helped protected the city from foreign attacks.

Pokrovskaya Church impresses with its well-maintained exteriors and interiors. The local Orthodox community is highly involved in the maintenance of the building and it's common to see them doing small works at the church. The architecture is typical of its time of construction, with the red brick with white ornaments common features of early 20th-century Russian churches.

Even though the local Orthodox community is small, the church is worth stopping by, partly because it shows how religions can harmoniously coexist in Turkmenistan. Worshippers are very welcoming of visitors but, as in any other religious, it is important to be mindful and respectful of your surroundings, particularly during services.


Pokrovskaya Church


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