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Travelers can partake in local culture by enjoying some of the excellent coffee of Turkmenistan.
© Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Relax at Mary's cafes

Find yourself immersed in the local culture in one of Mary’s cafes, while sipping some of the best coffees in the world.

It's not always just about the tourist landmarks. Often, everyday life can also be fascinating - and there's plenty to see on the streets of Mary.

Every corner of the city is bursting with culture and history, and one of the best ways to experience this is to spend some time with the locals just sitting down at one of Mary’s many cafes. The whole cafe atmosphere is already worth the time, but the exceptional Turkmenistan coffee makes the experience even more special.

© Juliana Verly / Shutterstock
© Juliana Verly / Shutterstock

Even though the coffee culture is not a huge thing in Turkmenistan yet, many locals will get together and socialise in cafes. This is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and learn about their way of life. In Mary, locals are mostly friendly and curious towards tourists and like sharing experiences. (Even though communication can be tough sometimes, miming can take you a long way!)

Some of the best cafes in the city of Mary are Aladdin Coffee & Food and Cafe Gyzylgum. As cafes are a new trend in the country, the architecture can often be quite remarkable. However, the atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with locals make this experience even more memorable.