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Discovered in 2006, the Sanctuary of Demeter Chamyne is located 150 metres east of the ancient stadium.
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Sanctuary of Demeter Chamyne

Discovered in 2006, the excavation of a temple-like building was an accidental revelation connected with the cult of Demeter, one of the twelve Gods of Olympus.

The Sanctuary of Demeter Chamyne sits outside the main archaeological site, and next to the entrance of the International Olympic Academy. Located a 150 metres east of the ancient stadium, it was discovered in 2006. The excavation revealed the foundation of a rectangular edifice. Furthermore, numerous finds have been unearthed indicating that this temple-like building was associated with the cult of Demeter, one of the twelve Gods of Olympus. The most distinctive objects found at the excavation were the terracotta figurines of Kerberos, the mythical three-headed dog of the Underworld.

The cult of Demeter Chamyne is attested by Pausanias the ancient traveller and writer. Chamyne was a local prehistoric deity associated with the prosperity of the earth, who in classical times was identified as Demeter. The priestess of the goddess was the only married woman who had the right to attend the Olympic Games. You can see the stone altar of the deity still preserved at the north bank of the ancient stadium, where her priestess stood during the Games.


Sanctuary of Demeter Chamyne


It remains accessible during daylight


Entrance is free