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Sayramsu Lakes
© Yashkin Ilya / Shutterstock

Sayramsu Lake

Within the Sayramsu Gorge is an azure lake seemingly out of a fairy tale.

Within the glacial mountains of Kazakhstan, some of the world's most beautiful lakes glitter in the sun. Among all of them, some of the highlights are the ethereal Sayramsu lakes, the gems of Sairam-Ugam National Park. The mosaic of colours of turquoise, emerald-green, and sky-blue characterise these gorgeous mountain sights.

Legend tells of a khan's daughter who fell in love with an ordinary shepherd. She received a spectacular bracelet and handcrafted ring before she fled into the mountains. She chose to throw the turquoise ring in the water, and thus she created the colours of the lakes. Her discarded bracelet turned into the shape of the lakes and the iconic infinity symbol. The lakes are said to hold these lovers and keep them together.

It is best to visit in spring to enjoy the nature of the surrounding mountain region. The crystal-clear waters create the perfect destination for every traveller. The striking clarity of the lake allows you to see right to the bottom. Hike with your companions and dive in!