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Tomb of Allamah Majlesi inside the Great Mosque.

Tomb of Allamah Majlesi

Hidden by the north entrance of Masjid-e Jame, the Tomb of Allamah Majlesi depicts stunning Iranian architecture and pays homage to a brilliant scholar.

On your way out of Masjid-e Jame, take a detour into the tomb of Allameh Mohammad Baqir Majillisi. The great Shiite scholar of the Safavid era died in 1699 AD and is buried here at his family's mausoleum with his father Mullah Mohammad Taghi.

Allamah Majlesi spent 30 years writing, Bihar al-Anwar, one of the most comprehensive collections of Shi’a hadiths.Compiled of 110 volumes, Al-Majilisi covers 25 general topics: divine justice to wisdom and ignorance. When you visit you will find many Shiite Muslims here paying homage to the iconic author.

The mausoleum is breathtaking, filled with dynamic architecture that will transport you to the 17th century. With intricate details and vibrant Iranian art, the tomb has qualities that are missing from modern developments.

You can spend as little or as long as you would like in the mausoleum. Pilgrims can be seen sitting around the tomb, spending hours reading Allamah Majlesi’s work. Located right next to the Taj Ol-Molk Dome it is the best way to start or end your time at Masjid-e Jame.