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Traditional Yazdi Cake decorated with pistachio.
© Salman / Unsplash

Treat yourself to Iranian desserts

Known as the sugar capital of Iran, Yazd has something sweet for everyone to enjoy.

Among ancient architecture, history, and religion, Yazd entertains its guests with confectionery excellence. From world-renowned baklava to ghotabs, a local favourite, there are endless sweet treats to sink your teeth into.

Ghotabs (qottab) are one of the most famous desserts in Yazd. Many Iranians have claimed to make special trips to Yazd just for this pastry. The small deep-fried cake is filled with nuts and infused with cardamom. You will see ghotabs become more popular around New Year festivities, but it is loved all year round.

Delicious, fresh Ghotabs © Fanfo / Shutterstock
Delicious, fresh Ghotabs © Fanfo / Shutterstock

Also try Yazdi cake, a national favourite of Iranians. Made with cardamom, mixed with rose water, and covered with ground pistachios, the Yazdi cake is a Persian twist on cupcakes. Best savoured with a hot cup of tea, you will not want to miss this classic Iranian treat.

Another Yazd original is pashmak, a sweet candy floss. Often compared to cotton candy, it is handmade and nutty flavoured. Spun with sesame paste, the cloud-shaped dessert is soft but dense. This strange delight is a Yazd classic and replicated around the world.

The fine and saccharine Pashmak © Evgeniia Trushkova / Shutterstock
The fine and saccharine Pashmak © Evgeniia Trushkova / Shutterstock

If you are passing through Amir Chakhmaq Square, make sure to stop by Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar. Claiming to be the original confectionery specialist in Yazd, this shop is world renowned. Offering the best variety made from the highest quality ingredients, it can be your one-stop shop for sweets!

If you would like to try some sweets at a traditioal place it is recommended for you to try the following restaurant:

Haj Khalife′ Ali Rahbar
Phone number: +98 35 3626 0665
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Treat yourself to Iranian desserts


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