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Breath-taking view of a lake in the Fann Mountains.
Photo by Galyna Andrushko

Trek in the Fann Mountains

One of the best trekking destinations of Central Asia, the Fann Mountains will impress with its remote wilderness and beautiful scenery.

The Fann Mountains are a hidden gem of Central Asia. A true paradise for wilderness trekking enthusiasts, this is one of the most remote trekking destinations in the country. Most of the treks in the region require an overnight stay, but camping in the mountain landscapes is an incredible experience in itself.

While experienced hikers could do some of the routes here independently, because of the remoteness of the region, it is highly recommended for visitors to hire a guide. The local guide can show you the best trails and help with cooking in the wild and setting up the tents.

Lake in the Fann Mountains - Photo by SJ Travel Photo and Video
Lake in the Fann Mountains - Photo by SJ Travel Photo and Video

The treks in this region can go from a simple two days and one night to a ten-day immersive adventure. Planning your trip to the mountains is pretty simple as the area is well served with touristic information and the treks have been mapped online. One aspect that you should consider before booking your trip is the weather. The region is susceptive to extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. The best time of the year to embark on this adventure is June to September. At other times of the year, rain and snow might complicate the visit.

Independent trekkers - Photo by Joy_Studio
Independent trekkers - Photo by Joy_Studio

It is very important to keep in mind that if you decide to hike on your own, you will be fully responsible for packing your own equipment including water purifiers, portable stove for cooking, tents, trekking poles, food and any other necessary equipment. Accommodation on the mountain is scarce - in a few small towns you may be able to find a simple homestay, but for most of the time camping is required. Some visitors hire donkeys to carry luggage on the mountains.

For nature lovers this is a once in a lifetime experience where you will be surrounded by epic views of lakes and mountains. Find peace in the simplicity of this beautiful untouched environment.

You can find many of the treks mapped at