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Try Kazakh Tea

As a serious tradition in all Kazakh families, experiencing this daily ritual will give you a meaningful connection to local culture.

Kazakhstan is one of the top tea consuming countries in the world, and this is not surprising since drinking tea is a daily routine engraved in Kazakh peoples lives.

In Kazakhstan, tea is traditionally served with milk and sugar. Kazakh people drink it during their meals in small cups, or after eating. Drinking tea after eating is a long tradition, and it serves as a moment where family members are gathered to spend some time together. This creates a lively and warm atmosphere around the household.

But Kazakh people do not only drink tea when they eat, they consume it throughout the day. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, after work or right before going to sleep, tea is drank.

Locals are so passionate about it that you can hardly visit the country without trying this popular drink. When visiting Taraz or the surrounding area, KishMish is a great place where you can try Kazakh tea. Where it is accompanied by delicious local dishes to help you explore the culinary richness of Kazakhstan.

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Try Kazakh Tea


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