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Visit Spirit Valley of Bokeitau Mountain

Adventure through Spirit Valley up to the peak of Bokeitau Mountain in the UNESCO recognized Western Tien-Shan Mountains.

Bokeitau Mountain encapsulates all the best parts of the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve. The mountain is perfect for hiking, trekking, and biking. There are endemic fruit forests in the varying climates and landscapes of Bokeitau Mountain, and the best experiences include stays with locals in guesthouses.

Legends from the mountain tell of healing powers in the water. The mountain holds the title of "Spirit Valley," with the highest peak being Bokeitau Mountain. There are amazing hidden caves that are ideal places to go swimming. Or take a drink from the pools to explore the water's legendary healing properties.

See the endemic bird species such as the Paradise Flycatcher and enjoy the spring harvest of fresh fruits. The local guides follow routes through glacial passes, crystal clear lakes, and pristine mountain terrain. Explore this majestic mountain range and experience the history of apple cultivation along the Silk Road and magical springs.

Paradise Flycatcher
Paradise Flycatcher