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Visitor Services & Self Evaluation

Visitor Services: A Guide to Self-Evaluation

This guidance framework has been designed from the visitor perspective and as such is focused on the visitor at each stage of travel: namely Pre-visit, Visit and Post-visit.
Now, we invite you to use the following section to self-evaluate your current visitor service structure. You will be asked to identify with one of two statements per topic. Please tick only one box per topic and respond to every question.

We acknowledge that some of the visitor service statements will not apply to certain World Heritage sites. If this is the case please tick the Not Applicable box and make comment as to why this is the case.

Many sites will already exceed the suggested minimal standards, so the following self-assessment tool will also include a range of 'advanced visitor service statements' that all sites should aspire to achieve over time. The framework concludes by seeking your response to the management challenge of working in partnerships.

It would be appreciated if you are accurate in your response and share it with the UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme. In this way, the aggregated findings will assist in the delivery of programmes to improve visitor service standards and will assist your site to identify future priority actions.