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Wine Tasting

Wine has been made in the area of Aquileia since Roman times. Ancient documents, along with amphorae and glasses, are proof to the important local wine production and trade with the inhabitants of the Alps and the Danube area. The industry has thrived since the Roman Empire, when wine was shipped from Aquileia to the imperial court in Rome.

Today, local winemakers are happy to welcome visitors and offer the chance to explore the places where Aquileia wine is made, as well as to enjoy dedicated tasting sessions of wine and traditional local food. Thanks to a long-lived tradition and a particularly suitable climate, Friuli ranks among the leading wine producing regions of Italy.

A visit to Aquileia – now a village that looks almost stuck in the past – will help you understand how a traditional production has evolved and grown into one of the most important industries worldwide. Don't miss a sip of Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, one of the oldest wines in the area and a descendant of Pucinum, the one cherished by Livia, the second wife of Emperor Augustus.

Discover the wines and vineyards of Aquileia and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.