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Member of pottery-making community moulding refined mud to create a handmade terracotta bowl, Palpara Paharpur
© Roni Kabir Nurul

World Heritage Capacity Building for Local Businesses

Local businesses in and around UNESCO sites are important stakeholders in conserving and benefitting from World Heritage values. The resources below can help local businesses profit from visitors to World Heritage sites, while helping to protect and enhance the values that encourage people to visit, stay longer, and spend more money.

Tourism businesses play an important role in the conservation and safeguarding of World Heritage sites. Responsible tourism businesses know that many of their guests come specifically because of nearby World Heritage sites and acknowledge that we all have a role to play in helping conserve World Heritage sites in order to sustain our livelihoods and the cultural and natural heritage that makes our place special.

This short course is designed to provide owners, managers, and front-line staff with an introduction and steps they can take to help conserve World Heritage sites.

Businesses that complete the course have opportunities to be featured on the World Heritage Journeys web and social platforms. You can sign up for more information about these opportunites at the end of the course.

Get Started

Step 1: What is World Heritage?

You've heard of UNESCO World Heritage, but what does it mean exactly? Click here to learn what UNESCO is, why it was created, and what it means for a site to be designated World Heritage.

What is World Heritage >

Step 2: Why is Our Site Inscribed?

Each UNESCO World Heritage site is recognized for having Outstanding Universal Value, that is to say, cultural and/or natural significance which is so exceptional that it transcends national boundaries and is of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity. But what is so special about the World Heritage site near your business?

Why is Our Site Inscribed >

Step 3: The State of Conservation

All UNESCO World Heritage sites are required to track and report on issues that threaten the site. These can be issues arising from the environment like water damage or damage from natural disaters, or could be a result of human impacts, like encroaching development or issues arising from poor site management.

The State of Conservation >

Step 4: How Can You Support World Heritage Conservation?

Once you understand what World Heritage it, why your site was inscribed, and the conservation threats to your site, you can start to think about what you, your business, and your guests can do to help support conservation at your World Heritage site.

How Can You Support World Heritage Conservation >

Step 5: Apply to Be Included on This Site (Optional)

If your business supports conservation at your World Heritage site, then you are invited to apply to be featured on this website. Businesses that are approved will have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable tourism and preserving World Heritage to prospective travellers visiting this site to plan their trip to your destination.

Apply to Be Included on This Site >